Investit Software, Inc. is a unique team of industry veterans with its roots in Commercial Real Estate & Engineering, focused on education, development, project management, asset management, financial analysis and real-world investment structuring.  For over 15 years the Principals at Investit have been providing both analytical products and educational seminars to a wide ranging International audience of investors, brokers, developers, analysts, owners, managers and consultants.  Within their individual careers, our leadership group has over 100 years of senior management experience in numerous aspects of commercial real estate, corporate facilities and value engineering.

Our perspective is reality-based, delivering products, services and webinars to all sizes of companies and to all levels, executives and operators, within the industries we serve  --  while directing our focus on the largest segment of each market, the small / medium entities (SMB) in most local and regional market sectors.  This vast majority of owners, operators and service-providers controls over 85% of commercial real estate in North America – and it is our primary user base.  Over 12,000 licenses of Investit products have been purchased by individuals, companies and governmental agencies, and are in use today.

We have designed our products to be extremely user-friendly, easy to learn and easier to adopt.  Using a series of templates and flexible data entry tools, our customers can very quickly perform sophisticated analyses and generate varieties of reports.  Our very popular educational webinars and tutorials consistently provide our growing list of satisfied customers the right mix of carefully crafted instruction with true story examples from a long history of actual projects completed and properties analyzed.

Significant additions to our program platform have been and will continue to be made, as we expand our functionality to meet the needs of the markets we address.  Stemming from a carefully planned research process, interviewing both established market leaders and entry level brokers, investors, analysts and operators to establish real-world requirements, we craft a well balanced mix of features that are truly useful by the majority, and not just another layer of complexity, really not needed.

At the core of our company culture is the goal to deliver the best value in the market – without compromising quality.  Making our products very affordable and providing flexible payment options underscores our commitment to our clientele and to our belief that the industry deserves quality choices at affordable prices.  We will continue to add to our matrix of modular, template driven products, and we encourage both prospects and experienced users to join the many satisfied customers in our Investit Software community.